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Fung Bros Vita Lemon Tea SPONSORSHIP! #myVLTcontest VLT, son!!! - SUP PEOPLE!  Drinking Vita Lemon Tea out of the juice box will forever remind me of those summers spent in Monterey Park at my cousins house.  My dad is from Hong Kong so his family keeps it super real with the HK-ness. I’m talkin frequent trips to Kee-Wah Bakery, lai[...]
Fung Brothers McCafe Sweepstakes! (Please read) - We’ve been so inspired by the recent games that we are partnering up with McCafé (https://twitter.com/McCafe) to host a competition! And we want you to be a part of it. One catch: we want our sleepiest and crankiest fans to participate. Please send pictures, shoot a video or write a[...]
Get your #HEALTHCARESWAG on with Miley, Drake, 2Chainz and Justin Bieber! - The new healthcare law is almost in place and a lot of people don’t understand anything about it.  As of 5 weeks ago, I really didn’t know what was going on because politics are complicated. Well, Fung Bros teamed up with KCAL Insurance to help educate the public on the[...]
Fung Bros X ISAtv = LEVEL ASIAN - We teamed up with ISAtv (Wong Fu X Far East Movement) for our new man-on-the-street show.  We’re extremely excited about this project because it’s something we always kind of wanted to do. We always liked the idea of going around to random strangers and asking them about what they know[...]
99 Ranch, AJ Rafael and lots of “odd” Asian food…… - That’s the new Asian Pride (not AZN PRYDE). That’s really all I can say.  15 years ago it was a ghetto Azn dude rapping over the Tupac’s Changes beat (he was actually pretty dope, anyone know what happened to him?), but now we updated it and made it a little[...]
Fung Bros X Geo X Chuck Half & Half Tea House’s First Commercial - We partnered with one of our favorite boba tea shops to create their first ever commercial.  It was also used as a vehicle to introduce their new Arcadia location.  The commercial features us (David & Andrew), MTV’s ABDC Instant Noodles Crew and some lady friends. Check it out here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ch_L_TfDNV4 When Half[...]